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Fiyatlara Dahil olan Hizmetlerimiz :

- Air Malta ile Istanbul/Malta/Istanbul Uçak bileti
- 3 Gece - Malta‘da MARINA CORINTHIA kahvaltı dahil konaklama
- Havalimanı transferleri
- ½ Gün Malta Şehir Turu
- Havaalanı Vergileri

Camelot’s Chairman Mr. Halis A Cakmak is the founding President of Turkish - Maltese Business Council.
Camelot is GSA of Air Malta in Turkey.
Camelot is the official member of the Turkish Travel Agencies Associations.
Camelot is an official Representative of University of Malta for Turkey.
Camelot Hello Tourism partner acentasıdır.

Malta Tours

Malta Tours

Malta Package Tours

Here it is, the chance for you to acquaint yourselves with Malta, the heart of the Mediterranean...

Throughout the year you can vacation in Malta following our flight plan.

Overview of Malta Program 1

Monday-Wednesday, 3 nights 3 days (Sample)

1st Day Monday ISTANBUL – MALTA
Meet at 03:00 in front of the Malta Airlines Desk at the Atatürk Airport International Flights Departure Terminal. Malta Airlines direct flight (Airbus A319) take-off at 06:05 bound for Malta. Land 09:25 at Malta Airport, visa and baggage procedures, followed by the Malta Valetta Tour and afternoon check-in to hotels, then free time. Night’s sleep at your hotel.

2nd Day Tuesday MALTA
Free Day. For those who wish, an extra full day Malta Gozo Island Tour. Night’s sleep at your hotel.

3rd Day Wednesday MALTA
Free day. For those who wish, a Tour of Malta Mdina & Mosta, the Harbor, Marsxlokk and the 3 Cities.
23:30 at night, transfer to airport.
02:00 take-off and return to Istanbul.
Istanbul Atatürk Airport – Malta Luqa International Airport

Overview of Malta Program 2

Thursday-Monday, 4 nights 4 days (Sample)

1st Day Thursday ISTANBUL-MALTA
Meet at 03:00 in front of the Malta Airlines Desk at the Atatürk Airport International Flights Departure Terminal. Malta Airlines direct flight (Airbus A319) take-off at 06:05 bound for Malta. 09:25 land at Malta Airport, visa and baggage procedures, followed by the Valetta Malta Tour and afternoon check-in to hotels, then free time. Night’s sleep at your hotel.

2nd Day Friday MALTA
Free day. Malta Gozo Island Tour for those who wish. Night’s sleep at your hotel.

3rd Day Saturday MALTA
Free day. For those who wish, half-day Malta tour of Mdina-Mosta. Night’s sleep at your hotel.

4the Day Sunday MALTA
Free day. For those who wish, Malta Tour of Harbor, Marsaxlokk and the 3 Cities.
23:30 at night, transfer to airport.
02:00 take-off and return to Istanbul.
Malta Luqa International Airport – Istanbul Atatürk Airport

Overview of Malta Program 3

Combining these two programs you may book a reservation for a week (7 nights-7 days).

• 1st Choice:

Malta Luqa International Airport – Istanbul Atatürk Airport

Malta Hotels

Click to find out about hotels available on Malta plus 01 April – 31 October 2008 summer season prices for packages that include flights...

Click for rules that apply to our individual package programs...

Diving Tours
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The standard daily tours to be found in our pages can also be combined with tailor-made themes such as diving, visits with a prehistoric theme, treks, wine-tasting and the like. For special plans of this nature please consult your travel agency.

Diving Programs in Malta
We have recently worked up a diving program for Malta and hope it will interest you. Offering Malta as a diving destination, this package is particularly worthwhile in that its submarine riches have been discovered by the Turkish market.
Since Malta is an island nation in the middle of the Mediterranean its sea is pristine, with visibility never less than 35 meters. The geological make-up of the region means there are caves found nowhere else in the world, with other notable underwater riches including, but certainly not limited to, wrecks on the bottom, especially those from World War II.

Places to Dive in Malta
Our dives in Malta are carried out with experienced, expert instructors of the Divewise Diving School, which is affiliated with PDSA (Professional Diving School Associations).
The list of wrecked ships, caves and naturalist diving sites in Malta is given below, and is followed by a list of brief expositions concerning some of them.

Place to Dive in Malta
St Paul’s Islands
HMS Stubborn Submarine
Merkanti Reef
Wreck of the Carolita
Wreck of HMS Moari
Wreck of the Odile
Wreck of the Hellespont
Zongor Point
Blenheim Bomber
‘Le Polynesian’
Delimara Point
Ghar Lapsi
Migra Ferha
Anchor Bay
Gneina Bay

Places to dive in Comino
Lantern Point
Cominetto Reef
The Santa Maria Caves
Elephant Rock
Mid-Channel Reef

Places to dive on Gozo Island
Wreck of the “Xlendi”
Xlendi Bay
Dweira Bay
St Dimitri Point
Regga Point
Billinghurst Cave
Double Arch

Wreck Dives:
HMS Moari: The oldest wreck in Malta, this ship went into action during World War II in 1937 and while in service undertook numerous duties including the defence of Malta. While in harbor in 1942 it took a hit from a bomb and thereupon sank. At present it lies at the sandy bottom of St. Elmo, 13 to 17 meters down, and has created within its interior a range of life well worth seeing. Some parts of the ship are identifiable, others remain a mystery. The weapons have been removed, the rest is on display under water.
The Rozi: Sunk deliberately in 1991, this 40-meter ship lies at a depth of 36m. To reach it one must start swimming from Marfa Point, only descending toward the bottom after a certain distance has been covered. After a depth of 10 meters the wreck begins to be discernable. Divers generally prefer to stay on the deck and bridge, thus making it easier to adjust their time under water. The Rozi is a wreck in which you will find many points of entry and exit. Fish often feed here, providing a feast for the eyes.

Cave Dives
Ghar Lapsi: In the Maltese language “Ghar” means cave. This cave is the best-illuminated in Malta and boasts numerous creatures which simply must be discovered.
Anchor Bay: The name of this bay became famous as Popeye’s Village after the film Popeye, starring Robin Williams, was shot here. The caves are entered by first swimming toward the left side of the bay and then around the rocks that are scattered irregularly in this area and themselves constitute an intriguing sight,. There is a large cave 150 meters further on.

Naturalist Dives:
Marfa Point: This area is cited as the best place to dive in Malta and comprises six different diving spots. Each time you dive here you meet up with a different sight. Starting with a swim in shallow waters one later encounters a 25-meter descent. Here divers who so wish can follow the walls to see cavelets as well as arches. In one submarine cave you can also see a statue of the Virgin Mary. Its lower portion boasts a tablet explaining who left the statue there and why.

Try a Dive€ 39.00
PADI Open Water Course€ 369.00
PADI Advanced Open Water Course€ 290.00
6-Way Diving Package € 167.00
*Equipment€ 64.00
10-Way Diving Package€ 282.00
*Equipment € 90.00

Try a Dive: Instruction lasts about 2 hours. After an explanation of the basic diving principles there is an actual dive.
PADI Open Water Diving Course: This course includes 5 theoretical classroom lessons, 5 trial dives in a pool and 4 dives off shore in the sea.
PADI Advanced Open Water Diving Course: A highly entertaining program in which, after extremely brief theoretical training, you can try 5 different ways to dive. Deep dive, wreck dive, cave dive, navigation U/W, night dives and a number of different choices you can select from...
6- and 10-Way Diving Packages: Planned with the experienced diver in mind, these programs offer dives in the vicinity of islands in areas of choice, depending on the weather and your preferences.

Congress – Incentive Programs
Year round we organize group events on a customized basis, events such as congresses, conferences, meetings, dealership gatherings, seminars, openings and launchings. In this connection, when the situation is suitable or demands it, an unscheduled flight on AirMalta may be requested so that your program can be carried out on precisely the date and for precisely the length of time that you desire.
Not only can one or more of the standard daily tours found in our pages be included in these organizational packages, but changes in the content and program flow of the latter can be made with regard to time planning.
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Malta Package Tours

Extra Tours

• Malta Valetta Tour
• Malta Gozo Island Turu
• Malta Mdnia & Mosta Tour
• Malta Liman, 3 Şehirler ve Marsaxlokk Tour

Malta Tours
Malta Tour 1
Malta Tour 2
Malta Tours 2
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