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Camelot’s Chairman Mr. Halis A Cakmak is the founding President of Turkish - Maltese Business Council.
Camelot is GSA of Air Malta in Turkey.
Camelot is the official member of the Turkish Travel Agencies Associations.
Camelot is an official Representative of University of Malta for Turkey.
Camelot Hello Tourism partner acentasıdır.

Turkish-Maltese Business Council

The Founding Chairman of the Maltese-Turkish Business Council Mr. Karmenu Vella,

Distinguished representatives of the Turkish and Maltese business world,

Distinguished representatives of the press,
Distinguished guests,
Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to welcome you on behalf of the foreign economic relations board and myself.
I would like to express my pleasure in gathering with all the distinguished guests from Turkey and Malta, prior to the national match.
Turkey proceeded with the integration to the EU in 1996 by entering the customs union and since then achieved to prove herself as a competitive power within the EU community.
EU accession negotiations were officially launched in November 2005, just after the accession of Malta in 2004.
The Chapter on Science and Research has already been opened and closed and 3 more chapters are currently open to negotiations.
52 percent of all exports and 40 percent of all imports of turkey are conducted with the EU. As of December 2006, 75 percent of the total investments in turkey are represented by the EU countries. Thus, the economic integration has already been fulfilled and the political integration is yet to be completed.
The agreement signed today by DEIK and the Malta chamber of commerce and enterprise to form the 76th business council, being the Turkish Maltese business council, is a perfect example for the integration process just mentioned.
So far, business councils have been formed with all EU countries except Greek administration of southern Cyprus and Luxemburg, therefore playing an important role in the integration process. Distinguished Guests,

I would like to utter up to date information regarding Turkey.

Turkey is currently the 17’Th largest economy in the world. Turkey’s GDP in 2006 amounted to 400 Billion USD whereas the total amount of foreign trade was 223 Billion USD in the same Year. With total exports of 85 Billion USD AND Imports totaling to 138 Billion USD in 2006, Turkey is increasing its share within World Trade. At present, Turkey rates 34’Th worldwide in terms of Exports.

The Turkish Economy has been experiencing an average growth rate of 7 percent since 2002. The main source of this growth accounts to be the production, export and investment of the private sector.

Turkey’s private sector is the most dynamic and integrated within the Balkans, Middle East, North Africa and Middle Asia and therefore serves as a leader and example in the region.

65 Percent of all industrial imports into the Middle East and North Africa are met by Turkey.

90 Percent of all Turkish exports are industrial goods, whereas high technology products compose a share of 10 percent.

Turkey is the 6’Th Largest trade partner of the EU and 65 percent of its exports are to competitive markets such as the OECD, EU and the USA.

Furthermore, projects undertaken worldwide by Turkish Contractors’ have amounted to a total of 90 Billion USD.
Various International Research Companies have forecasted Turkey to be amongst the Top 10 Economies Worldwide in the medium term.

Distinguished guests,

Turkey, due to its growing economy and strategic location within the region, is cited along with the Bric Countries, Being Brazil, Russia, India and China. Also referred to As T- Bric, these countries are anticipated to overshadow the current developed economies by the Year 2050.

Within this framework, a new phase has been reached in which it is quite crucial for the EU countries to enhance their relations with Turkey.

Turkish-Maltese relations should also be assessed within this Context. The two Mediterranean Countries raise Great potential bilateral relations as well as cooperation for relations with third countries.

The distinguished Business people and representatives who gathered today had effective meetings to discuss various cooperation opportunities.

We hope to organize the second business council meeting in Turkey in near future and to meet all our distinguished guests in Istanbul.
Thank you for your attention.

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